V4.5.3.2 : Warning logs - "transaction is neither read nor write - unexpected"


While read/ write is going on, I am continuously getting below warning message in logs.

Jun 25 2019 16:12:00 GMT: WARNING (tsvc): (thr_tsvc.c:394) transaction is neither read nor write - unexpected

To set more more context,

  • Records have multiple bins of Map type.
  • Since bins are Map, write operations can add/delete/update element of multiple bins

Please help.

This means that a single record transaction came that the server could not decipher between being a read or write transaction from the packaged bytes received over the wire. Can you insert a single record of the type you are inserting and check the logs for this message? If it is repeatable, can you post the client side insert code construct or if you can repeat via AQL - the AQL insert statement, so I can reproduce it?

@pgupta Thank you for the help. Found the issue, this was due to empty operation in the query.

I am using Java client, and was doing something like this,

Host[] hosts = new Host[] { new Host("", 3000) };
String namespace = "test";
String set = "default";
ClientPolicy policy = new ClientPolicy();
AerospikeClient client=  new AerospikeClient(policy, hosts);
Operation[] operations = getOperations(); // operations are constructed using application logic
client.operate(null, key, operations);

Whenever operations are empty, it shows the warning message.

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