What is the correct way to use raw device?

I am using CE on azure VMs. The VM has an attached SSD which is mounted on path /mnt. Device filesystem is /dev/sda1.

The problem now is that it works fine until the machine restarts for some reason. After which the mount is not able to re-register. Similar to this thread.

If not mounted what is the correct way to use SSD as a raw device? I understand I can use the file system but that would be less performant as I understand.

Just don’t create the mount for sda1, unmount any existing mount. Mounts are needed if you plan to use a filesystem.

Also make sure sda1 isn’t your root device (it usually is). Aerospike shouldn’t start if it is - unless you deleted the drives header, in which Aerospike will be allowed to overwrite the root device and your system will no longer be bootable.

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