Server didn't boot up after providing RAW device instead of file for data persistence


I am trying to setup a new aerospike cluster in which i have 2 namespaces say NS1 and NS2 backed by HDD. I provided same RAW devices for both the Namespaces and restarted my aerospike server but it didn’t start after that. Last log line that is present is "namespace NS1: found all 7 devices fresh, initializing to random 14497982631692184077" and thereafter there is no progress.

Can somebody help me to bring up my aerospike setup?

PS: One of the RAW device i provided was the one on which “/” was mounted to my unix filesytem also seems to have been screwed,is there a way to recover from it without reformatting??


Sorry to hear that, currently ASD does not check if a disk is mounted or not, and unfortunately there isn’t a way to recover the contents that were on that disk.