I have this error using node.js client when attempting to PUT new records: {“code”:22,“message”:“AEROSPIKE_ERR_FAIL_FORBIDDEN”,“func”:“as_command_parse_header”,“file”:“src/main/aerospike/as_command.c”,“line”:486}

After a minute or so it goes away and things go back to normal, there’s not much documentation on this error, except to say that server isn’t yet ready to accept this command.

This started to happen when I started using asinfo -v “set-config:context=namespace;id=CRM;set=visit;set-delete=true;” function to clear things out during testing.



Also to add to it, looks like set-config:context=namespace;id=CRM;set=visit;set-delete=true; command deletes items and during reboot those items return back. So a regular “sudo reboot” from a machine will prompt total restore of all deleted items.


Hi Denisbetsi,

AEROSPIKE_ERR_FAIL_FORBIDDEN is returned when a write operation is performed on a deleted set, or the stop write counts for the set is reached. From your other questions, it seems like you are trying to write to a set which is deleted. If set deletion is not the case, could you give us configuration details about set-stop-write-counts. To know more about set-stop-write-counts please refer here.



Aerospike opted not to put in tombstone for deletes by design. Thus it is possible to have deletes be restored on cold restart, or a machine reboot.

As a reference, Expired/Deleted data reappears after server is restarted

We continue to explore other operational alternatives.