Issue with aerospike truncate

So I am trying to reformat my set by deleting old data and inserting some new one. In order to do so, I truncated my set due to which all records got deleted. Now I am trying to add new records, but after addition of some records it is showing AEROSPIKE_ERR_FAIL_FORBIDDEN exception. Going through various docs showed me that it is a result of incomplete deletion and hence can’t write to set which is in process of deletion. But then why am i able to insert some records and i get exception after certain number of records?

Could you provide a link to this documentation? This doesn’t sound correct to me.

What is likely happening here is that your nodes disagree about the current time (please ensure that you have NTP running and configured correctly on all nodes). When you truncate, a timestamp is taken at the node receiving the truncate command and shared with the cluster. If a node’s local time is ahead of the node that took the truncate command then it is possible that not all record you intended to remove will be removed, if a node’s local time is behind the node that took the truncate command then all records will be removed but the set or namespace will be unavailable for writes while the local time is behind the truncate time - during this time you will see AEROSPIKE_ERR_FAIL_FORBIDDEN.

NTP is running and configured correctly. All nodes have same current time. There are some 40 records out of which 25 are getting written and rest are throwing forbidden error

Could you provide the exact command you use to truncate your set or namespace?