Where can I access reference documentation for older versions of Aerospike?

Is there a way to access the reference documentation of older versions (for example 4.5) of Aerospike?

I have an Aerospike server running (Enterprise edition) for which I need to enable XDR.

I am referring to the XDR configuration settings here: XDR static and dynamic configuration | Aerospike Documentation

I want to enable something like this:

xdr {
    enable-xdr true
    datacenter migration {
        node-address-port   3000
        namespace nameSpaceName1A {


However the setting node-address-port is added only after version 5. Is there a way to access the configuration documentation for the older version?

There isn’t a full documentation for older versions unfortunately. But the configuration reference manual has older / deprecated entries documented (one has to click on the ‘show removed parameters’ at the top). For example, the old name of that config is dc-node-address-port.

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For anyone looking for the XDR documentation for for older versions of Aerospike (4.x), here it is - Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR) for version 4.X and earlier | Aerospike Documentation

Oh, that’s right! Thanks @shan.p !

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