XDR compression level

I was hoping to hear some general guidelines that people have found using compression in XDR transfers. I have a background in data compression and I know that the performance is data-dependent but that does not preclude some “rules of thumb”. We are bandwidth constrained and have enabled compression at level 1 but I was curious as the levels increase whether there were any inflection points (i.e., I know that increasing compression level increases CPU in exchange for bandwidth savings) but I was wondering if there were typical levels that tend to be found to be a good tradeoff.

Thanks for inquiring about this. As you hinted, it is indeed likely data dependent to some extent. We do hope that having it dynamically configurable makes it easy to find potential inflection points in the trade off between CPU increase and bandwidth savings. But let’s see if any other input…

Thanks, I have decided to hold this in our back pocket as the concern from our infrastructure team was to be able to stay under 50% utilization in case of a failure and we are looking at different ways to reduce the data in the first place! Also we always have the max-throughput knob if absolutely necessary.

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