Seeing a spike in defragmentation queue when XDR is enabled

When I enable XDR I am seeing a spike in the defragmentation queue size (it hit a max of 676k), however the fragmentation percentage remains more or less constant at 7%. The parameter defrag-lwm-pct is set to 65. Since there are no other anomalies that I can see, I was wondering if this was a cause for concern. There also appears to be a spike in the RW in progress queue. Let me know if this is something that should be expected, or whether I should consider opening a support case. I should add that the way I have implemented things it is expected that there will be multiple writes to the same record as some bins are populated via XDR while others are written directly.

The suggestion from our experts is that you open a case with Support and provide the logs, as just looking at these details, it would be difficult to guess whether it is expected or there is an issue, and if the latter, what might be causing the issue.

Thanks. The issue seems to have settled down and so I don’t think that is necessary. I basically wanted to do a quick sanity check inb case it was part of a known syndrome. In fact everything seems to be working well at the moment.