XDR link failure notification

Is there any way to get a notification of “XDR link Failure”. How my client get notified when a xdr link got failed.

Well there’s more than 1 way. What are you using to monitor Aerospike?

Or did I misunderstand and you are wanting your application to know if xdr is down instead of it being in a monitoring system?

Thanks for your reply Albot, I am using "as_config_set_cluster_event_callback "c api to get the notification of aerospike server down event. I simply want a notification if xdr link is down. Can I get through api ??? But I am not getting any api to get notification. My requirement is to generate an alarm when XDR link get down.

I think you will need to use the info protocol and poll the server stats. Inside the server stats there are a number of metrics you can monitor and alert off of. It might be better to just integrate some alert into your existing monitoring system, or explore some of the monitoring solutions that are already built: https://www.aerospike.com/docs/operations/monitor/

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