About the SSD Benchmarks (using ACT) category

These benchmarks use the Aerospike Certification Tool (ACT) to evaluate SSDs for use with Aerospike.

Aerospike uses the ACT Benchmark Tool for SSD benchmarks. Not all SSDs can handle the high volume of transactions required by high performance real-time databases like the Aerospike Database. Many SSDs are rated for 100K+ reads/writes per second, but in production the actual load they can withstand for sustained periods of time is generally much lower. In the process of testing many common SSDs in high-throughput tests, Aerospike developed this certification tool, ACT, that you can use to test/certify an SSD for yourself.

If you have a benchmark you would like to share, please follow the following submission guidelines:

  1. The subject should be “Make:Model”
  2. Include as much of the following information as possible:
  • Flash/SSD make, model, capacity, firmware version
  • How the device is connected (SATA/PCIe, RAID make/model)
  • Server make model (or CPU model/speed)
  • ACT configuration file
  1. If you have deviated from any of the standard measures, please provide notes on why you did
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