How to post the ACT result to the SSD Certification page?

Hi guys,

I’m using the ACT 6.2 to do the Aerospike workload qualification. I have some questions, could anyone kindly help me on these?

  1. As for the SSD Certification on the SSD Certification page , what’s the configuration in act_storage.conf? Besides the speed I can set, which other parameters are allowed to change?

  2. I’d like to post the result on the SSD Certification Page, how to submit the result?

Thank you for your help!

If anyone has ideas about my question, please help to reply. Thanks!

  1. That’s supposed to be it for the ‘default configuration’. You simply increase the speed until it no longer can go any faster.
  2. You can’t. Aerospike only publishes results from their own labs on that page. Even after running ACT tests for many years they still wouldn’t take my results :slight_smile: Maybe one day we can convince them to make an open database that their tool can auto-submit to :crossed_fingers:

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest giving the github page a read. GitHub - aerospike/act: Aerospike Certification Tool

Thank you very much Albot.

I have read the page you mentioned and already did some testing.

As for publishing the result, from the page

Looks the “source” is not only the Aerospike.

I guess other ones can submit the result as well.

Ah, oops. Thats right too - some hardware manufacturers like to work with AS To publish results too. Do you manufacture hardware?

Hi Albot.

Yes, we’re the hardware manufacturer. And we want to work with AS to publish the results. However, we don’t know which one or team in AS is right to contact for this.

Do you have some info about this? Thanks.

Off the top of my head I’m thinking @tibors but not sure since they recently restructured some things. Can you give more info such as what company/type of drives out of curiosity?

Thanks Albot. We develop and manufacture the NVMe Enterprise SSD.

Hi Duo, I can help you publish the results. The first step is we need to check the raw output of the ACT.

Please send the results to Thanks~

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And could you please send me the specs and details of the drive you tested?

Hello, will send you through email. Thanks~