About Unicast cluster formation

Post by sunguck.lee » Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:14 am

I am researching Aerospike for testing. I saw the some ppt file on slideshare.com. PPT says

“Aerospike has found that this mechanism(Mesh, Unicast cluster formation) works in production with up to 20 nodes”

This means, I should Multicast cluster formation when cluster could grow over 20 nodes ?



Thank you for posting on Aerospike forum and welcome! The power point you saw is correct, Mesh (Unicast) is not as robust as Multicast for larger cluster sizes. We are working on improving this though.

We definitely recommend using Multicast if your going to have nodes over 15 to 20 plus nodes and beyond.

Thanks, –meher

How many nodes can multicast support well?

We have tested clusters with up to 100 nodes. The max number of nodes is based on the paxos-max-cluster-size which can go as high as 127.