Cluster Setup


I have setup 2 default aerospike server which should run in a cluster by using multicast. The multicast itself works correct but the server does not connect to a cluster.

Is there anything that I can check?



The cluster should form if multicast is working properly.

How did you verify whether the multicast is working properly?

I tend to use iperf to test multicast. iperf allows you to run multicast clients and servers, and will tell you if the messages have been sent and received.

Here is a decent tutorial on iperf:


Hi Chris,

based on your suggestion to use iperf, it looks like ours servers have a general problem with multicast.

Thanks for the help. Marcel


We tend to recommend using mtools over iperf, mtools will can generate multicast bursts which some switches perform poorly against. Since each server is sending a multicast heartbeat every N seconds, our use of multicast tends to be more bursty.

You can find instructions here:


thanks. we have the multicast problem solved. now the cluster works correctly. are there calculations about the performance of a cluster against a single node? for example, a 2 server cluster with a replication of 2 can handle the half TPS of a single node with replication 1?

thx marcel


Hi Marcel,

We typically do not recommend any performance benchmark/calculations based on a single node cluster except for comparing another single node cluster.

We recommend always starting with at least 2 nodes for any benchmark / extrapolation for larger clusters.

Having said that, in theory, assuming the network between the nodes keeps up, and for a pure write workload, a 2 node cluster should be able to perform similarly to a 1 node cluster since with replication factor 2, there will be twice as much to do with twice as many nodes.