Add New Datacenter to XDR Dynamically (pre-3.8.x)



Hi guys,

If I want to add a new DC to XDR, can I configure it without restarting asd?

The effect should be equal to:

xdr {
  datacenter DC1 {
    dc-node-address-port HOST PORT

namespace NS1 {
  xdr-remote-datacenter DC1

Can I use asinfo to do this?

Best, Simon


It seems that I can change the aerospike.conf and then restart xdr without restarting asd.


You are right. For adding a brand new DC, you need to change config and restart XDR.

BTW, In the new XDR (3.8+) you need to plan this more carefully, as XDR and ASD are merged.


Thanks for your confirmation and advice!