Fetch XDR configuration information

I know that there is an ‘info’ API that I can use to fetch XDR configuration information such as ‘enable-xdr’, ‘sets-enable-xdr’, etc. But I couldn’t find an example to know the following:

  1. To know the number of DCs a specific namespace is configured to be replicated.
  2. To know the XDR configuration for specific sets

Are you using Community Edition?

We have the Enterprise edition

On source DC: (In the example below, I have namespace ns1 shipping to DC1, DC2 is just a skeletal DC)

1 - $ grep dc-state /var/log/aerospike/aerospike.log – tells you which DCs are UP vs INACTIVE

2 - $ asinfo -v "dcs" – show all remote datacenters defined (skeletal or otherwise)


3 - $ asinfo -v "get-dc-config" -l – this will tell you what namespaces are shipping to what DCs



Regarding sets - its a two step thing.

$ asadm

Admin> asinfo -v “namespace/ns1” -l like xdr

ip-172-31-26-84.ec2.internal:3000 ( returned: xdr_write_success=0 xdr_write_error=0 xdr_write_timeout=0 fail_xdr_forbidden=0 enable-xdr=true sets-enable-xdr=true ns-forward-xdr-writes=false allow-nonxdr-writes=true allow-xdr-writes=true

Admin> asinfo -v “sets” -l like xdr

ip-172-31-26-84.ec2.internal:3000 ( returned: ns=ns1:set=set_id1:objects=1:tombstones=0:memory_data_bytes=0:truncate_lut=0:stop-writes-count=0:set-enable-xdr=false:disable-eviction=false



Here, default for sets is true, set_id1 is “blacklisted” - xdr set to false.

Ok. Thanks. I will try these out myself once I have my DCs ready. I believe the above information fetched by asinfo is also accessible by the java client as mentioned here.

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