Added new disk partition, but it's no reflected in log

I shut down aerospike, added /dev/sdc3 to the config, then started it back up. It’s not showing in the log that /dev/sdc3 was added. Any recommendation to get it to show up?

Did you add it to /etc/aerospike.conf, could you share what you did?

Yes, that’s the only way I’m aware to add disk

  1. Shut down aerospike
  2. Add “device /dev/sdc3” to /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf
  3. Restart aerospike

Could you share the config?

Yes, here’s the pastebin

I don’t see a problem there, could you share the logs that contain the last startup?

Of course. Here is the link. Is there any way to for aerospike to use the new config.

It should pick it up from /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf. That is where you saved config right?

Aerospike can be instructed to pick up the config from another path via the command line args passed to it. Is it possible that these are different? You would need to check the systemd unit file to see which path is being used.

Yes, and here’s the output of my “systemctl status aerospike”

This is strange. The process simply reads the specified config-file (nothing fancy) which systemd indicates is /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf.

Anything interesting about the environment? Are you using Aerospike within a docker container?

No, it’s on it’s own running as a service.

If you run

cat /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf

Do you see the new partition?

If so, have you tried restarting the service - maybe asd started before the file was saved?

The partition was previously used so we had to clear the header from the disk.

So it picks up the partition after you clear the header?

After some investigation, the node shouldn’t have started if the drive header was the issue. But recall that your startup log didn’t show this partition as being part of the namespaces storage devices. This output is the server simply echos the data in the configuration file that it read. It seems the likely scenario is that you may have started the server before saving the configuration file.

Correct, I had to clear the header before it would pick up the partition.

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