Aerospike Bad Gateway


I am connecting to Aerospike via Java Application . On each hit to my application , it creates Aerospike connection and put records into aerospike sets, but i am facing an uncertain error while testing my application for load testing.

When we are generating huge load by hitting the application with JMeter , then after certain period of time it throws Bad Gateway and application fails.

Would you please help , what can be done to overcome this situation…?


Can you please start off by posting the versions of client/server, how many hops inbetween, and any application/server logs you have?


Also “Bad Gateway” is an http error (502), neither Aerospike servers or clients will emit http errors.


Could you provide your config file and server and network specs and check logs for any warnings on the server side. The Bad Gateway is a response on your web server and may not be directly related to Aerospike. Since you are doing a load test, you may be having network connections issues pr reach a network limit. I’d recommend checking all logs at all layers for a clue (ie: web server, application server, Aerospike server and any proxy in between.)