Aerospike C# Client gave error Error -8: Failed to resolve


Hi We are facing an issue with aerospike c# client in which if there is a burst of request(not more then 200 concurrent requests) aerospike client is giving us below mentioned error

Aerospike.Client.AerospikeException+Connection: Error -8: Failed to connect to host(s)URLS Error -8: Failed to resolve URLS   at Aerospike.Client.Cluster.SeedNodes(Boolean failIfNotConnected)
   at Aerospike.Client.Cluster.Tend(Boolean failIfNotConnected)
   at Aerospike.Client.Cluster.WaitTillStabilized(Boolean failIfNotConnected)
   at Aerospike.Client.Cluster.InitTendThread(Boolean failIfNotConnected)
   at Aerospike.Client.AsyncClient..ctor(AsyncClientPolicy policy, Host[] hosts)

Note: Actual url are replaced by URLS

Please suggest what we are missing here,


This error occurs at startup when attempting to contact a seed node and the DNS lookup fails on the URL. The URL is not accessible from your client machine.


@Brian thanks for your response,

On same server code was working before new deployment and once we stopped the burst request it again worked


The DNS lookup has a timeout (ClientPolicy.timeout). It’s likely that the burst in activity caused the DNS lookup to be slower thus causing a timeout.