Aerospike C Client Release 6.0.0 (March 31, 2022)

Aerospike C client version 6.0.0 was released on March 31, 2022.


  • CLIENT-1654 Support partition query. This feature requires server version 6.0+.
  • CLIENT-1653 Support batch write, batch UDF apply and batch remove. This feature requires server version 6.0+.
  • CLIENT-1652 Support udf-admin, sindex-admin and truncate privileges. This feature requires server version 6.0+.
  • CLIENT-1677 Remove old deprecated as_predexp. See Incompatible API change .
  • CLIENT-1684 Assign names to internal threads.
  • Support Debian 11. Drop support for Debian 8.
  • Set minimum Visual Studio version to 2017.


  • CLIENT-1682 Use separate bool to indicate cluster is closed instead of setting commands “pending” integer to a fixed value.
  • CLIENT-1685 Wait for all eventloops to finish balancing connections in the cluster tend. This avoids the scenario where the cluster tend thread is shutdown and the cluster is destroyed before the balancer’s eventloop callbacks are processed.
  • CLIENT-1688 Add scan/query partition errors from multiple threads under lock.