Aerospike C Client Release 4.6.0 (March 28, 2019)

Aerospike C client version 4.6.0 was released on March 28, 2019.

This major release adds several new features and fixes important bugs.


  • CLIENT-1056 If batch read transaction fails on a node, retry batch keys from that node to other nodes when replica policy is SEQUENCE and maxRetries is not exceeded.
  • CLIENT-1057 Conform to server fallback and retry behavior specification.
  • CLIENT-1058 Verify connection is valid in as_uv_command_buffer() and as_uv_auth_command_buffer() when using libuv.
  • AER-6009 Support new server “truncate-namespace” info command.
  • Server behavior for UDF delete has changed. Server now returns success when deleting a UDF that does not exist.
  • Default socket idle timeout to 30 seconds for all commands.
  • Remove aerospike_has_double(). All servers that this client supports (servers >= 3.6.0), also support the double data type. See Incompatible API change .
  • Remove all unused old batch direct protocol code.
  • Change benchmarks asyncMaxCommands argument default to 50. Fix benchmarks readme.
  • Change MS nuspec files to use new license tag.


  • Convert internal batch node array into a dynamically resized as_vector so rare edge case (more nodes in partition map than in cluster during some migrations) is handled.
  • Always default to “replicas-all” when newer “replicas” info command not supported.
  • Remove query_init with multiple filters in examples.
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