Aerospike Centos 7 systemd

Hi, I’m trying to configure systemd for aerospike on centos7

opened the tgz file to /opt and then run init

cd /opt/aerospike-server

./bin/aerospike init --home /example/var/aerospike

Created a systemd file:

[Unit] Description=Aerospike persistent key-value database

[Service] ExecStart=/example/var/aerospike/bin/aerospike start --home /example/var/aerospike ExecStop=/example/var/aerospike/bin/aerospike stop --home /example/var/aerospike


It doesn’t work. The only way it works is by clli:

cd /example/var/aerospike/

./bin/aerospike stop --home /example/var/aerospike/

Any clue? Thanks

I believe the Redhat 6 RPM will also work on Centos7. Have you tried

Hi, It doesn’t support systemd. there is no systemd init script

The rpm version should have installed init scripts under /etc/init.d/aerospike

Should work with

sudo systemctl … aerospike.service

Could you let us know which version of aerospike you are using? Are you building the server from source?

Hi, I was using 3.5.4 Downloaded around March this year:

Still @ 3.5.9 there is no aerospike.service

I assume I can convert the init script to systemd.

Found this one:

Was much helpful.