I can't make Aerospike run on Ubuntu Server 17.10


I ran sudo ./asinstall and the logs didn’t pop any error… But there’s no aerospike file in /etc/init.d/

So something went wrong somewhere. What could that be?

Thanks in advance.


Here’s what shows up in the console: https://hastebin.com/vigatupozu.sql

The /opt/aerospike files are here, the /etc/aerospike files are here too, but there’s no aerospike file in /var/log/


./asinstall installs the server, does not start it. $ sudo service aerospike start will start it.


OMG of course… Sorry for that. I lack sleep. It’s not even the first time I install Aerospike.


Also, the lack if file in /etc/init.d is because the Ubuntu 16 package is built for systemd. You will need to look for where systemd keeps unit files.