Aerospike PID file not created



I have configured pidfile as /var/run/aerospike/ in my service stanga. Verified folder permissions of /var/run/aerospike all are good. Stil when i start aerospike its not creating pid file or not writing to pid file.

I have to configure logrotate for aerospike. How will i configure this…


Which version of Aerospike and OS are you using?



@shakthimaan am using Aerospike Community Edition build and centios os.


Which version of CentOS?



@shakthimaan Sorry for delay and incomplete information.

Currently I am using CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 .

Thanks in advance for your help.


From CentOS 7 onwards, you have systemd which manages Aerospike daemon and server logs. Please refer:


Thanks, will check same and come back to you.