Aerospike Client not able to connect on windows machine


I am running Aerospike C# demo application on my local machine. for this I done following steps

  1. Installed VirtualBox
  2. After that I installed Vargent
  3. Configured Everything , Its working now !

$ vagrant ssh -c “sudo service aerospike status” **********Aerospike Database Server is running! **********Aerospike Monitoring Console is running! asd (pid 1285) is running… Connection to closed.

Also its showing in web client.

But when I trying to connect from C# Demo application it not connecting

I am using these settings

Server - (IP address of my local machine)
Port - 3000 User - admin Password-

Not putting password its empty .

Error Message - Error code 51 :Authentication Failed

May I know what i doing wrong.


If you’re not using authentication then dont send a username either.