Can't connect client to Vagrant based server on OSX


I have setup a vagrant install of aerospike on my OSX development box. This works, and everything is working within vagrant.

  • If I try to connect to the server using AMC running inside the vagrant VM: WORKS
  • If I try to connect to the server that is running in the vagrent VM from AMC installed directly in my mac: Unable to connect
  • If I try to connect to the server that is running in the vagrant VM from the nodejs client in an app directly in my mac: Unable to connect

Everything is running the latest versions, and running on default ports

FWIW the exact error I get back on the nodejs client is:

{ code: -1, message: ‘Failed to seed cluster’, func: ‘as_cluster_seed_nodes’, file: ‘src/main/aerospike/as_cluster.c’, line: 260 }


Would it be possible to paste your vagrant up output. Are you using the aerospike vagrant image or did you build your own? Please also provide:

vagrant global-status


Sure thing! I used the aerospike image.


a2d43f9 default virtualbox running /Users/mattapperson/aerospike-vm

The above shows information about all known Vagrant environments on this machine. This data is cached and may not be completely up-to-date. To interact with any of the machines, you can go to that directory and run Vagrant, or you can use the ID directly with Vagrant commands from any directory. For example: “vagrant destroy 1a2b3c4d”


Looks like your AMC port 8081 was already in use on your mac. AMC should be accessible via port forwarding on port 2200

==> default: Fixed port collision for 8081 => 8081. Now on port 2200.

Please try:



AMC is working, I cant connect to the server



Thanks for reporting this issue. As a workaround you can do the following:

Modify your config to publish the localhost IP.

Edit /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf

and add the access-address directive in the network service stanza


network {
        service {
                address any
                port 3000
                access-address virtual

Connecting to server when running vagrant on macOS