Aerospike client put timeout when running a get aql but this aql hang

I use Aerospike CE 3.9.1. A program keeps writing aerospike by c library. But when I run an aql script remotely like following

aql -h -T 1000000000
Aerospike Query Client
Version 3.11.1
C Client Version 4.1.3
Copyright 2012-2016 Aerospike. All rights reserved.
aql> select * from intraday.StockMinBar where PK="1504075200000000:0"

The aql hang, and the writing C program report timeout like following

AEROSPIKE_ERR_TIMEOUT from put(intraday.StockMinBar.1504075200000000:0)

I don’t find write timeout in aerospike server log. what is the matter? The record is locked ?