Aerospike D client API

D is a web-server programming language without a dedicated Aerospike client API.

This is sad, because while D is also a superset of C that can run C code almost unchanged, it combines the best features of both Go (fast compilation, imports, fiber-based concurrency, run-time reflection, type functions, garbage collection, C FFI, etc) and C++ (classes, template types, meta-programming, C-like execution speed, etc), plus some extras (compile-time reflection and code generation, etc).

For your information, D is used in production at Facebook and it’s currently ranked #24 (1.156%) in the TIOBE index. This means that D has almost half of PHP’s popularity (2.564%, #10).

That doesn’t seem much, but this actually implies that a LOT of developers use this language around the world.

I personally use it with MongoDB and MySQL databases, but I think that Aerospike would be a better alternative for high performance servers.

Therefore I would like to know if an Aerospike D client API will soon be available ?

And if you don’t plan to support D, please could you at least provide us some explanations on why, because obviously Rust and Erlang have a dedicated client API and not D, while D is several times more popular than Rust (0.310%, #41) and Erlang (0.274%, #44) ?