Aerospike Database (September 27, 2021)

Aerospike Database version was released on September 27, 2021.

This major release contains Improvements & an Update.

  • For upgrading, or the unlikely event of downgrading, please refer to Special Upgrades.
  • The Predicate Expression API is obsolete. The Aerospike Server and Client have scheduled removal with our next major Aerospike Server release, around November 2021. Please Use Aerospike Filter Expressions (added in version 5.2).
  • The jobs info command is now officially deprecated and will continue to be supported through a deprecation period, after which it will be removed. jobs are now redundant with the new secondary index building methods and the following new info commands:
  • The configuration parameter batch-without-digests , now defaults to true, is deprecated and will be removed in six months. Customers using clients older than a year (around the time of Server 4.9 which introduced batch-without-digests ) will now have to explicitly set the batch-without-digests configuration item to false.
  • A number of Best Practices will be checked at startup. The Best Practices can be enforced by enabling the new enforce-best-practices configuration item.
  • The security context configuration items enable-security and enable-ldap have been removed. The Server will not start if either enable-security or enable-ldap is present in the configuration file.
  • Security will now be enabled simply by the presence of the security { } section in the configuration file. Similarly, LDAP will now be enabled simply by the presence of the ldap { } section within the security { } section of the configuration file.
  • To use XDR with ACL auth-mode must be explicitly configured.
  • We build on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 instead of CentOS 8 when creating rpm packages.


  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6429] - (BATCH) Changed default value of service context configuration item batch-without-digests to true - the item is now deprecated.
    • [AER-6430] - (CLUSTERING) Reject the recluster info command if already reclustering.
    • [AER-6461] - (DEPLOYMENT) Sanity-check various system settings and server configuration items at startup.
    • [AER-6432] - (FABRIC) Handle fabric node list with a more granular hash and an improved node id hash function.
    • [AER-6459] - (GEO) Changed namespace geo2dsphere-within context configuration item max-level default from 30 to 20.
    • [AER-6455] - (INFO) Replaced scan-list and query-list with scan-show and query-show , renamed query-kill to query-abort .
    • [AER-6433] - (KVS) Switch write transactions from write-commit-level ‘master’ to ‘all’ if fabric send queues are overwhelmed.
    • [AER-6441] - (KVS) Reject replica writes if they are overwhelming the write queue.
    • [AER-6447] - (KVS) By default, exclude group and ‘other’ permissions when creating files.
    • [AER-6452] - (KVS) Removed non-essential sprig element counters, saving three bytes of overhead per sprig.
    • [AER-6470] - (KVS) Replaced fabric idle connection queue and storage device open file descriptor queues with lockless pools.
    • [AER-6471] - (KVS) Upgraded JEMalloc submodule to ‘stable-4’ version, plus modifications for Valgrind.
    • [AER-6434] - (LOGGING) Do not truncate the log file when (re)opening it during log rotation.
    • [AER-6460] - (LOGGING) Improved logging around duplicate node-ids.
    • [AER-6428] - (MIGRATION) Pause immigrations if they are overwhelming the write queue.
    • [AER-6450] - (SCAN) Queue dynamic set-index population jobs, to serialize them and reduce CPU usage.
    • [AER-6464] - (SINDEX) Secondary indexes store primary index references instead of digests - reduces memory footprint and improves garbage collection.
    • [AER-6476] - (STATS) Added system_thp_mem_kbytes statistic.
    • [AER-6436] - (STORAGE) Added namespace context configuration item max-record-size .
    • [AER-6468] - (STORAGE) Allow value of 0 for storage context configuration item defrag-startup-minimum , and made that the default.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6454] - (ACL) Moved configuration item session-ttl from ‘ldap’ to ‘security’ context, and ldap-login-threads (renamed as login-threads ) from ‘security’ to ‘ldap’ context.
    • [AER-6456] - (ACL) Removed security context configuration items enable-security and enable-ldap .
    • [AER-6462] - (ACL) Added support for PKI authentication.
    • [AER-6453] - (AUDIT) Added separate ‘audit’ logging context so that auditing via a regular log sink will not include all ‘security’ context logs.
    • [AER-6431] - (STATS) Added unreplicated_records statistic for strong-consistency namespaces.
    • [AER-6445] - (STORAGE) Added storage context configuration item encryption-old-key-file to support rotation of encryption keys.
    • [AER-6449] - (STORAGE) Updated storage compression submodules.
    • [AER-6440] - (XDR) Disallow DC context configuration items auth-user and auth-password-file for connector DCs.
    • [AER-6443] - (XDR) An ‘xdr’ context in the configuration file is no longer required in order to configure DCs dynamically.


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