Aerospike Database (April 11, 2022)

Aerospike Database version was released on April 11, 2022.

This major release contains New Features, Improvements & an Update.

  • This is a Developer Preview Release.
  • When upgrading to server version 6.0, you must wipe the drives. A modified record storage format was introduced by AER-6513, which adds protection against partially written records during an unclean shutdown.
  • For upgrading, or the unlikely event of downgrading, please refer to Special Upgrades.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The truncate privilege is now a separate privilege and is no longer under write .
  • The batch operations capability has been made comprehensive. We now fully support batch reads, writes, deletes, and UDF commands.
  • The previously deprecated Predicate Expression API has been removed. Use Aerospike Filter Expressions (added in version 5.2).
  • Service context configuration paxos-single-replica-limit has been removed.
  • The jobs info command is now officially deprecated and will continue to be supported through a deprecation period, after which it will be removed. jobs are now redundant with the new secondary index building methods and the following new info commands:
  • The configuration parameter batch-without-digests , now defaults to true, is deprecated and will be removed in six months. Customers using clients older than a year (around the time of Server 4.9 which introduced batch-without-digests ) will now have to explicitly set the batch-without-digests configuration item to false.
  • A number of Best Practices will be checked at startup. The Best Practices can be enforced by enabling the new enforce-best-practices configuration item.
  • Use Prometheus Exporter version 1.2.1 or later to run Prometheus Exporter with this version of Aerospike Server.

New Features

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6511] - (PACKAGING) Added support for Debian 11.
    • [AER-6512] - (PACKAGING) Removed support for Debian 8.
    • [AER-6500] - (QUERY) Enhanced secondary index queries: query by partition, paginate, throttle, apply quotas.


  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6488] - (BALANCE) For AP namespaces, made namespace context configuration item replication-factor dynamic.
    • [AER-6489] - (BALANCE) Removed service context configuration item paxos-single-replica-limit .
    • [AER-6499] - (BATCH) Added support for batch writes, deletes, and UDFs.
    • [AER-6509] - (DEPLOYMENT) With auto-pin numa , handle client interfaces with differing numbers of queues.
    • [AER-6492] - (EXPRESSIONS) Removed support for predicate expressions.
    • [AER-6485] - (KVS) Fail duplicate resolutions if they are overwhelming the write queue.
    • [AER-6504] - (KVS) Check ‘rw-hash’ and ‘proxy-hash’ for timed out transactions more frequently, to help the client recycle sockets more efficiently.
    • [AER-6510] - (MIGRATION) Do not retransmit updated or deleted records.
    • [AER-6515] - (PACKAGING) Ensure that the ‘aerospike’ user has a secure nologin shell.
    • [AER-6506] - (SCAN) Unified scans with new queries.
    • [AER-6491] - (STATS) Latency histograms now include time spent processing other service epoll events that precede the transaction request.
    • [AER-6507] - (STATS) Base heap_efficiency_pct on active rather than mapped memory.
    • [AER-6513] - (STORAGE) Detect and mitigate records which are only partially written during an unclean shutdown.
    • [AER-6514] - (STORAGE) Verify that a device not previously used as an Aerospike storage device was erased before use.
    • [AER-6503] - (UDF) Removed unused ‘gen’ field from udf-get response, and added sanity check of ‘content-len’ field in udf-put command.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6495] - (ACL) Added a separate ‘truncate’ privilege (no longer under ‘write’), ‘udf-admin’ privilege, and ‘sindex-admin’ privilege.
    • [AER-6487] - (BALANCE) To restore availability, revived nodes now require all nodes to be trusted (i.e. no e-flags).
    • [AER-6505] - (LOGGING) Separated relevant XDR per-DC ticker line items into per-namespace lines.
    • [AER-6501] - (SECURITY) Added support for a special Enterprise build which is FIPS 140 compliant.
    • [AER-6483] - (XDR) Added DC namespace context configuration item compression-threshold to specify a size threshold for compression.
    • [AER-6490] - (XDR) Added value ‘no-bins’ to DC namespace context configuration item bin-policy , to ship record metadata only, including keys, to connectors.
    • [AER-6497] - (XDR) Reapply set shipping filters, and other configured filters, during retries.
    • [AER-6498] - (XDR) Changed automatic throttling to reduce throughput more quickly, with a lower floor.

Known Issues