Aerospike debian8 Logrotate

According to documentation a logrotate file should be installed in /etc/logrotate.d/aerospike when installing Aerospike Server using the Debian package provided.

After installing Aerospike Community Server v3.9.1 on a debian jessie, I realize that this logrotate file is missing…

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For Linux distribution using systemd ( Debian 8, Centos 7, Ubuntu 16.04+ …etc), logs are managed by journald which uses structured binary format.

This is easier to analysis than text-based log files which requires log rotation. So logrotate are not needed for Aerospike anymore. You should not need to add log path in /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf.

Run command like this:

journalctl -u aerospike -a -o cat | grep cake

Instead of:

grep cake /var/log/aerospike/aerospike.log

Oh yes, you’re right, it makes no sense with systemd. Thanks for these details.