Aerospike Go Client Release 5.0.0 (May 11, 2021)

Aerospike Go client version 5.0.0 was released on May 11, 2021.

This is a major feature release. It is also a major breaking release. We have adopted Go’s module system as recommended by the Go authors, so the new release moves the active branch to v5 . As such, the import path changes to The master branch remains in place to allow maintenance for the older v4 classic version until most users get the chance to upgrade.

This release also changes the way errors work in the client, and invalidates the old way. This allows the client to support Go’s somewhat new errors.Is and errors.As API, and properly chain errors together.

Also note that the Go Client now requires Aerospike Server version 4.9+ and will not work properly with older versions.

Breaking Changes

  • Limits keys to int , string and []byte types. The old ListValue arrays as types are not supported anymore.
  • Remove TLS code support for golang v1.8 and before.
  • Moves AerospikeError from /types to the root of the package, and removes all other error type like NodeError .
  • [CLIENT-1526] - Removes Policy.Priority , ScanPolicy.ScanPercent and ScanPolicy.FailOnClusterChange .
  • Removes Recordset.Read() and avoids multiplexing of Records channel in Recordset.Results() , and unexports the Error channel.
  • Remove legacy client code for old servers. Go client now requires server version 4.9+.
  • Remove Statement.PredExp , and only use the Policy.PredExp to avoid confusion. PredExp has been deprecated and replaced by Expression .
  • Renames type FilterExpression to Expression .
  • Client.GetBatchXXX() will return ErrFilteredOut if an expression is passed to the API and some records were filtered out, regardless of BatchPolicy.AllowPartialResults .
  • Client.CreateRole() now requires quota information in the param list.
  • Removed Connection.Authenticate() API.
  • Renamed GetOpForBin() to GetBinOp() .
  • Removed ScanPolicy.ConcurrentNodes . Now only uses .MaxConcurrentNodes to avoid confusion.
  • Moves the RequestInfo() under Connection .

New Features

  • Adopts module system and changes the import paths to
  • [CLIENT-1476] - Support new expressions introduced in server version 5.6, including ExpReadOp and ExpWriteOp .
  • [CLIENT-1463] - Support boolean particle type and make it opt-in for reflection API via UseNativeBoolTypeInReflection .
  • [CLIENT-1522] - Support user quotas and statistics.
  • [CLIENT-1492] - Remove ability to use old authentication protocol. This works behind the scenes and doesn’t have any impact on user code.
  • [CLIENT-1081] - Adds Error interface, changes all API signature to return Error .
  • Exports AdminCommand and its QueryXXX API.


  • Implement GomegaStringer interface to prevent very long error messages in tests.
  • Adds ResultCode.String() .
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