Aerospike Hits 1M Writes/Second on Google Compute Engine with 6x Fewer Servers than Cassandra (December 4, 2014)


In March 2014, Ivan Santa Maria Filho of Google published a blog post, Cassandra Hits One Million Writes Per Second on Google Compute Engine – using 300 nodes. Today, we guest posted on the Google blog, describing how we followed the same steps as in the Cassandra benchmark and discovered that Aerospike Hits One Million Writes Per Second With Just 50 Nodes On Google Compute Engine – a 6-fold cost savings – while delivering consistent low latency with no jitter for both read and write workloads.

Now that Aerospike is open source and the Startup Special gives developers free access to the Enterprise Edition of Aerospike’s software, this incredible price/performance advantage will give even more developers the ability to build applications and businesses that were not possible or economically viable before!