Aerospike Java Client Release 5.1.9 (November 11, 2021)

Aerospike Java client version 5.1.9 was released on November 11, 2021.

  • A bug affecting this version of the Java client has been identified. If your application uses scans, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Java client 5.1.11 at the earliest opportunity.


  • Add async getClusterStats(ClusterStatsListener listener) to provide more accurate statistics when running both in/out of eventloop threads.
  • Add Exp.expr() to merge precompiled expressions into a greater expression.
  • Add ScanResume example.
  • Add url, organization and license tags to pom.xml.


  • CLIENT-1611 Set partition’s last digest received only after the scan callback returns. If the scan callback throws an exception, the last digest will not be set and that record will be returned again if the scan is resumed at a later time.
  • If getClusterStats() is called from an eventloop thread, do not block and use cross-thread references instead.
  • Add comments regarding non-atomic sequence counter implementations.
  • Remove old deprecated PredExp tests.