Aerospike Server (August 9, 2019)

Aerospike Server version was released on August 9, 2019.

This major release contains New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes.

  • A digitally signed feature key file is now required. (Enterprise Only - contact
  • An Enterprise Edition version that includes Kerberos support is available upon request. Interested customers should contact their account representative.
  • We have added support for Debian 10.
  • We have deprecated support for Debian 7.
  • New API for nested CDT operations.
  • New API for bitwise operations on BLOB particles.
  • System Metadata (SMD) Protocol Change
    • When upgrading the Aerospike server, from a version prior to 4.5.1, follow the 4.5 special upgrade document 4.5.1+ SMD protocol change.
  • If you are upgrading to 4.5 with replication-factor of 2 or greater along with the use of the rack-aware feature in AP namespaces, refer to the special considerations knowledge base article for details. (Enterprise Only)
  • Storage Format Improvement
  • When upgrading from a version prior to 3.14, please follow the upgrade and protocol-switching PREREQUISITES for

New Features

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6074] - (KVS) Added bitwise BLOB operations.
    • [AER-6092] - (CDT) Added APIs to operate on lists and maps nested within lists and maps.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6079] - (DEPLOYMENT) Enterprise Edition now requires a feature key.
    • [AER-6065] - (SECURITY) Added predefined ‘write’ (write only) permission for use in defining custom roles.
    • [AER-6066] - (SECURITY) Added support for specifying network whitelists on custom roles.


  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6062] - (KVS) Added namespace context configuration item ‘truncate-threads’ to specify the number of threads used by truncations.
    • [AER-6091] - (KVS) Added service context configuration item ‘indent-allocations’ to enhance double-free detection when debugging the heap.
    • [AER-6061] - (DEPLOYMENT) Increased grace period to 10 minutes before clean shutdowns are aborted, and enhanced logging during shutdown.
    • [AER-6078] - (BALANCE) Working masters (also) report ownership of appropriate replicas in client partition map (e.g. to optimize rack-aware client reads in certain situations).
    • [AER-6085] - (STORAGE) Re-use freed write blocks in the order they were freed (e.g. will allow tomb raider to clear tombstones more effectively).
    • [AER-6058] - (LOGGING) Made improvements to secondary index (‘sindex’ context) log messages.
    • [AER-6070] - (LOGGING) Added thread count to log message at start of nsup expire and evict cycles.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6081] - (KVS) For index-type flash and index-type pmem, warn at startup if index devices are not mounted.
    • [AER-6084] - (INFO) Report true default values for storage context configuration item ‘compression-level’ (if ‘compression zstd’ is used) and TLS context configuration item ‘protocols’.
    • [AER-6080] - (SECURITY) Do not allow logins by external (LDAP) users who have an internal password.

Bug Fixes

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6093] - (CDT) Get or remove by rank map operation with return type key or value returning nil element will access uninitialized memory.
    • [AER-6094] - (CDT) Get or remove by key-list ordered map operation with return type index, where key-list elements are not in map returns incomplete response.
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Bitwise & nested CDT ops, cool :heart_eyes:

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