Aerospike Server (September 30, 2019)

Aerospike Server version was released on September 30, 2019.

This major release contains New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes.

New Features

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6096] - (KVS) Added delete of entire record as an operation (e.g. to enable atomic read then delete).
    • [AER-6101] - (KVS) Added predicate filter support for batch, read, write, delete, and record UDF transactions.
    • [AER-6123] - (KVS) Added support for ADQ.
    • [AER-6109] - (SCAN) Added a new type of background scan and query that performs (write only) operations.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6124] - (XDR) Added LDAP login support for XDR.


  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6112] - (KVS) Removed service context configuration items 'transaction-queues ’ and ‘transactions-threads-per-queue’, and made service context configuration item ‘service-threads’ dynamic.
    • [AER-6113] - (KVS) Increased maximum allowed value of storage context configuration item ‘post-write-queue’ to 8192.
    • [AER-6100] - (SCAN) Scans now use their own thread(s) instead of sharing a thread pool, and are given a record-per-second limit instead of a priority.
    • [AER-6106] - (STATS) Added CPU usage in stats and log ticker.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6102] - (BALANCE) Changed default setting of namespace context configuration item ‘prefer-uniform-balance’ to true.
    • [AER-6105] - (XDR) Certificate is presented to http destination when required for mutual authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6129] - (KVS) Predicate filter memory leak observed when using list/map iterate.
    • [AER-6128] - (BALANCE) For AP namespaces with ‘prefer-uniform-balance’ true, non-optimal masters may be selected.