Allow configure log in system timezone (

could there be an option to configure the log to use system timezone (/etc/localtime) or just a hardcoded timezone? it’s easier to troubleshoot problem when all the log use the same timezone. thx

Thanks for reaching out. Will follow up internally regarding this feature request.

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Any update on this? I am using enterprise version 3.5.8 and the log is using GMT timezone instead of system timezone.

Unfortunately not much progress on this. Still in our backlog, will definitely try to raise this up though!

Thanks for reaching out.

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+1 for this request :smile: . Hoping that it gets upvoted in upcoming Aerospike features list :smile:

+1 for this request!

This was actually introduced in release late last year:

[AER-3053] - (INFO) Add option to use local timestamps in server log.

You can now use log-local-time config, see details here.

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