Timezone changing for Aerospike

Hi, All. Who knows how Aerospike will behave when changing time zones? We are soon switching from UTC +6 to UTC +5. Will simply changing the settings in NTP or Chrony resolve this issue? Perhaps someone has practical experience dealing with this.

It should be fine if only changing timezone and not time… the internal timestamps are stored in some epoch format in UTC and the logs are by default in GMT but can be configured to log in the local time of the host.

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Hi @meher. Thank you for your response. What you mean “not time”. Can you explain, please?

Oh, I meant that I assume the time itself is not changing, only the time zone… so the ‘absolute’ time in GMT or UTC would be the same and you are not changing that. You had already mentioned this was just about the timezone change but I wanted to emphasize for other readers that changing the time itself (moving the clock ahead or behind) would have impact as the database does store record timestamps (last update time).