Aerospike Server Community Edition (CE) (December 10, 2015) - Developer feedback welcome!

Aerospike Server Community Edition was released on December 10, 2015 and is available for download here. Be sure to read @Alvin_Richards’s (Aerospike VP of Product) blog post on this important release. Try it for yourself and discuss your results in this thread. We look forward to the feedback of our valued developer community!

This major release contains a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes:

New Features

  • [AER-4424] - Geospatial Indexes (Experimental Release). For more information, click here.
  • [AER-4544] - Operations on list. For more information, click here.
  • [AER-4568] - (KVS) Add stop-writes threshold on a per set basis.
  • [AER-3789] - (Scan) Add option to include LDT data in scans.
  • [AER-3639] - (Migration) Added new migration stats to accurately reflect migration progress.
  • [AER-3439] - (Clustering) Support dynamically changing the heartbeat mesh seed list.
  • [AER-3053] - (INFO) Add option to use local timestamps in server log.


  • [AER-4512], [AER-4563], [AER-4570] - Migration improvements - Fix condition where redundant/incorrect migration requests are initiated. Remove incorrect migration state (pending-write) which causes “pending writes never drain” assertion or incorrect object counts.
  • [AER-4540] - (Migration) Remove partition.reject_writes which has outlived its usefulness.
  • [AER-4310] - (KVS) Switched to using abstract UNIX domain sockets from being bound to a path in /tmp.
  • [AER-4452] - (KVS) Improve caller of msgpacks throughout (scan/udf) to use new msgpack API.
  • [AER-4449] - (KVS) Allow unread data in socket after a complete transaction is read.
  • [AER-4508] - (Scan) Enhance scan’s migration detection.
  • [AER-4450] - (UDF) as_val re-org for UDF.
  • [AER-4493] - (UDF) Aggregation code refactoring.
  • [AER-4318] - (SINDEX) Use master nodes instead of qnodes for queries.
  • [AER-4500] - (Clustering) New cluster recovery policy paxos-recovery-policy=auto-reset-master.

Bug Fixes

  • [AER-4553] - (KVS) Server crash when printing strings containing %s.
  • [AER-4612] - (UDF) Check for > 512 bins is missing when data-in-memory.
  • [AER-4112] - (Migration) Correct erroneous warning “source node [node_id] not found in migration rx state”.
  • [AER-4494] - (SINDEX) Memory corruption of stack variable causing undetermined result for list/map indexing.
  • [AER-4103] - (SINDEX) Server is crashing while creating index with index name more than 256 size.
  • [AER-3601] - (Packaging) “python” dependency for tools package is too strict and will not install if “python 2.7” installed.

Click here to view the release notes with the full list of fixes.

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To explore the capabilities of Aerospike, you will want to download a client library with benchmarks and examples.


From @Alvin_Richards’ blog post, it seems there is support for points within a region/radius. What about points OUTSIDE a region/radius ? Would I be able to make such a query ?

Here is an equivalent in MongoDB where I can do both minDistance and maxDistance filters.

Can you share what the use case you have in mind? Thanks.

Searching for people who are atleast X distance away from a user.

Great feature-release! Can’t express how much we enjoy the new cdt list ops :+1: Keep up the great work!

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So 3.7.0 supports Polygons with holes (i.e. donut shapes), which would give you the ability you describe. I would agree this is not the simplest way to express your query! Given the under lying mechanisms, this is either just an API over the basic operations we have or an extension to AeroCircle to support holes.