AMC community version Displays only 2 nodes in a 3 node cluster

The AMC dashboard displays 2 nodes in a cluster of three nodes. Cluster summary reflects the 3 nodes, but under the Nodes section only 2 of them are displayed. Is this a console constraint?

Dear sgurukar,

can you please confirm the AMC version you are using? It should be displayed in the bottom status bar of the browser window when AMC is running in the browser.

Also, if you could attach a screen shot of the behaviour, it would help us understand the issue better.


amc community 3.5.4. (ps: im unable to upload images as I’m a new user?)

You should be able to upload images now, let us know otherwise.

Here you go…

@sgurukar What’s the URL you are using ? If you have list of machine names explicitly in the URL, only those will be shown in the AMC. Or, you can hit URL like: “host-name:8081/#dashboard” and then provide name/ip of any one node in the popup. This way works for me atleast!

From the image you provided, AMC is finding all the node (it shows 3 nodes up 0 nodes down). I think since you started with 2 nodes and later added the third node, the third nodes wasn’t ever selected.

Ah! Thanks @kporter. It was just the setting.


Automatic adding of new node in nodes section is fixed and we will add it in next release.


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