AMC v4 Chart Visuals Error


Hi. Just upgraded to v4 of the AMC and now the graphs have gone a bit awry as it were. They seem fine on first view then every subsequent refresh they kind of vanish - this is on Chrome browser OS X. Examples…

and then…



Thanks for your report. How long does it take to get to that point?


Literally 5 seconds - so if I access the AMC, all looks fine, next refresh (like 5 seconds later) the graph goes - if I switch tabs to something else the graph comes back - then 5 seconds later, gone again


That’s unusual. Can you give us some info regarding the size of the cluster, or any significant specifics you thing may be related?


Sure, although don’t think there’s anything related… it’s only a 2 node cluster, was running fine on older version of AMC but since updating to v4 this issue has occurred. Have also tried this in Firefox and Safari and same results.

Seems to be some kind of rendering issue, but not sure what is causing it. I’m guessing other people are unable to recreate?