Cluster Mismatch AMC cannot monitor this node as it belongs to a different cluster


I face an issue while forming a 2 node cluster. Each of the machines are configured to mesh protocols and the related service and heartbeat sections are modified.

Please refer to this post for the details of the two machines.

On one machine which runs the server on a vagrant box, if I try to connect the second node the following message of cluster mismatch is displayed.

When I click “yes” it opens a new tab to monitor the other node.

May I please ask what does this mean and why am I unable to form a cluster and what does this cluster mismatch mean.


As you have indicated in your other post, these nodes have not been able to exchange heartbeats so they are each unaware of the other. AMC is meant to monitor one cluster at a time. This message is telling you that the node you are attempting to add doesn’t belong to the current cluster, which is true since they are unable to communicate.



so the solution would be to get a solution for my other post

Thank you for the explanation

but I still have another quick question:

as indicated, on the first machine’s browser the amc is able to detect that the other node belongs to another cluster, but to my knowledge the other machine’s amc should be able to detect this node as a part of another cluster, but this does not happen

I get the below when I try to add the first node to this second one:

could you please help me connect all of this


AMC is unable to connect to one of the nodes so it cannot make the determination that they are of different clusters.

yea that has to be the scenario

thanks kporter