AMC read stats on batch get (AER-3408)


Do not use the new batch API on versions prior to 3.6.4. There were a few tricky race conditions related to the new API that were eventually pinned down with ASD 3.6.4.

You will need to upgrade your clients to use the new batch API. The java client, for instance, began to support the new batch API with the Java Client 3.1.3 release.


To my understanding, we are using the old batch API, cause we are using Java client release 3.1.0. So, to confirm, you are saying that if we upgrade both Aerospike Server to 3.6.4+ and the Java client to 3.1.3+ and use the new batch API, we will have all the bugfixes in aerospike’s batch API code and we will be able to see batch read measurements in the macro reads histogram, right?

The old batch API is not posting batch reads in the reads histogram, that’s why we don’t see the batch reads today?


Correct, the new batch is divided into individual read transactions on the server, each of those transactions increment stats as they would in non-batch transactions.