AMC read stats on batch get (AER-3408)

by vjhawar » Mon May 12, 2014 12:23 pm


Is there an issue with aerospike V3 batch get stats not showing up on the main read graph which shows the TPS. When we ran the single gets we can see the stats by node. Please let us know if there is setting to be tweaked to see the batch gets in action on the AMC graph.

by young » Tue May 13, 2014 10:56 am

This is correct, batch reads do not register on the AMC. We are meeting to discuss how it should be shown.

Hi, I just wanted to ask if this is still an issue for v3.4.0.


No sorry, as of AMC 3.5.4 batch reads are not graphed.

Logging one more customer request for showing batchreads on AMC. Is there a work around available for this? I.e., Is there a stats-variable that customers can request using info and graph themselves? Thanks.

One more vote for batch reads showing up in AMC. Was pretty worried that something was wrong until I found this thread. Thanks!

I have raised this issue internally.

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Is there way to find out Aerospike throughput during batch reads??

The correct fix, as kporter mentioned, is to display the batch histogram on the server, the same way that read/write transactions histograms are kept today. This is what we are fixing, and will enable AMC to also display such values.

For the mean time, there is a “batch_initiate” statistics that is incremented for each batch request.

@ikounakis, @skozlovich, @leonardo:

A JIRA ticket has been filed to follow up on this issue; it’s AER-3408 for your reference.

Please stay tuned for updates on our progress. For the quickest notification once this issue is fixed, please check the AMC release notes page periodically. We will also update this forum topic once a new AMC release is out that fixes the issue.



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+1 for this request. Will be super useful. All of our reads are batch reads. :smile:


Thanks! The fact that you are also asking for this feature has been noted. :sunglasses:

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+1 Will be really useful, please add it next release.


Any news on this issue? Also, I would like to know if there any workarounds or other ways to measure latency and TPS for batch reads. Does this AER-3408 ticket need to be resolved, before latency and TPS can be measured for batch gets?


AER-3408 was closed with ASD 3.6.0 release. In this release batch related histograms were added to the Latency tab.

Thanks for your response. Is batch read latency/throughput only accessible through the AMC UI tool? If I am looking at the reads histogram in asmonitor Community Edition build 3.6.1, I still don’t see batch related measurements.

Also, can the collectd plugin GitHub - aerospike-community/aerospike-collectd: Aerospike plugin for collectd - a community driven open source project get batch reads measurements, or are they not supported there, at the moment?

We are worried that this was only added in the AMC console and it’s not available through the Aerospike server’s “first-class” performance measuring tools (histograms, CLI tools…)


I recommend using asadm instead of asmonitor, asmonitor is no longer maintained. I believe asmonitor had an internal list of histograms it looked for, running show latency in asadm should pick up the new histogram automatically.

The collectd plugin should also pick up the new histogram automatically.

Thanks @kporter for your quick reply.

Last questions, which histogram are you referring to? Also, is it part of the macro or micro benchmarks?

Good question, the macro read histogram. I re-read the ticket and realized I made a mistake and this has been resolved since ASD 3.6.0 not AMC as I had mentioned. The ticket then goes on to talk about histograms. Read counters are updated for each item in the new batch API introduced in ASD 3.6.0. So this means that AMC (enterprise/community) will now count each read within a batch as an independent read. Existing read histograms will also include each read in a batch.

There are also micro benchmarks introduced for the new batch (index batch). However, currently micro-benchmarks are not exposed through the info protocol.

I don’t see any batch measurements in the reads histogram. We are using Aerospike Server Community Edition v3.6.1.

Is there any special configuration that is required to enable measurements for batch reads to be added in the macro reads histogram?