AMC: seems read and batch read got mixed after client upgrade


We recently upgraded our server from to Now we are upgrading our Java client from 4.4.18 to 8.1.1. We mainly use batch-index to query aerospike and some periodic queries. During the client upgrade, we noticed that Read TPS in AMC started to increase and Batch-Reads decreased.

We are using Aerospike Management Console - Community Edition - 4.0.22.

We are using below Aerospike client API:

// constructor
this.clientPolicy = clientPolicy;
this.aerospikeClient = new AerospikeClient(clientPolicy, this.getHosts());
// separate getBatch method
this.aerospikeClient.get(, recordArrayListener, 

could it be because of the below change made in Java client version 7.2.0

CLIENT-2293 Convert a batch node command to a single record command when the batch size for that node is one. This improves performance for small batch sizes.