[ANNOUNCE] YCSB 0.8.0 Release



On behalf of the development community, I am pleased to announce the release of YCSB 0.8.0. Though there were no major Aerospike updates in this release, we are always interested in having members from the community help with ensuring that we have compliance with Aerospike’s latest and greatest.


  • Amazon S3 improvments including proper closing of the S3Object
  • Apache Cassandra improvements including update to DataStax driver 3.0.0, tested with Cassandra 2.2.5
  • Apache HBase10 improvements including synchronization for multi-threading
  • Core improvements to address future enhancements
  • Elasticsearch improvements including update to 2.3.1 (latest stable version)
  • Orientdb improvements including a readallfields fix

Full release notes, including links to source and convenience binaries:

This release covers changes from the last 1 month.