Any way return csv or at lest plain text from the AQL?


How can I ask aql do not format output from the query and return it as plain text? I have function which returns tsv, but aql formats it as table or json. How to disable it?

Here is an example

| remap               |
| "user2        td:td_user2" |
| "user1        td:td_user1" |

but I want

 "user2        td:td_user2" 
 "user1        td:td_user1" 

Any way how to achieve that?


AQL supports a few output modes, JSON is probably the closest option.

aql> set output json

Any plan to add more options, in particular plain text?

Try aql> set output raw

aql> set output raw
Unsupported command format with token -  'raw'

Since what version it’s available? I use Aerospike Community Edition build Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade to newest version.

AQL should be backward compatible - you can grab the latest version from our packages. In the near future, the AQL project should receive a public repo.