AQL -F will not generate file


aql on debian 7 is not dumping data to file

example call: aql -c "select * from test" -F data.out and no file is created

version: ii aerospike-tools 3.8.2 amd64 Aerospike server tools.


'-f' command is used for executing the commands in the specified file.

For example if your file “data.txt” contains the command "select * from test", the command aql -f data.txt will run the command and print to terminal. To send to a file, you can always use standard Linux redirection operators.


Thank you for the anwer, but -f should be different then -F

-f <filepath>
        Execute the commands in the specified file.

-F <file path>
        Set output file path. Default: /dev/null

And yes I can redirect the output, but when i I for example output json, then I will have to clean the output because aql is adding info like OK


Just confirmed internally, ‘-F’ as an option was intended only for internal development purposes which did not make it to it’s completion. Apparently, it did make it’s way to AQL options. Thanks for raising it!

As for your output redirection usage, the '-f' option is the one that we recommend. I tried to reproduce a simple select output with and without Json and they print the same output. It prints the command that it executed after each output printed in the file.

Please share your feedback and I can send in a feature or a bug request appropriately.