Areospike DB DATA model

Hello Community ,

I have 2 questions :

  1. Is there any way/tool to build/extract the DATA model from a aerospike populated DB
  2. All aql requests are json format, any generic tool that can allow you to explore in a readable format the result when you have a lot of DATA in the DB


  1. Are you referring to a ‘schema’? Aerospike doesn’t use a defined schema so this isn’t really possible.
  2. There are a couple community contributed data-browsers mentioned here: What is the best GUI for Aerospike? - #2 by pgupta

Hi Kporter,

thanks for your feedback , yes kind of schema ? if not used , what is sued then ?


Documentation for the data model Aerospike uses can be found here:

There are commands to fetch the namespace names, set names, and bin names. Note that bin names are per namespace, not set, also a bin of a certain name may have different data types.