Aerospike GUI Clairvoyance cannot load namespaces

I use Clairvoyance to view the data but Clairvoyance can’t load data Can anyone give a solution? Sorry about my english status

I am not familiar with Clairvoyance. What is the interface/API it would use to connect to an Aerospike cluster? Is it using SQL through some connector? Or directly scanning the data?

@meher, Clairvoyance was developed by a member of the community which implements data browsing capabilities using scan. It appears it hasn’t been updated for some time (~4 years).

@sonch, you may be interested in the Aerospike Data Browser Release 1.0.0 (January 22, 2021) which is maintained by Aerospike.

@kporter @meher thank you so much but I install by docker fail. I had aerospike server run by docker on ubuntu.

Hum… this doesn’t seem Aerospike related… seems some error with installing sbt-1.4.1.deb package? But on Docker, you wouldn’t have to install any .deb package, but I am not an expert…

I would also add that you should check out the Aerospike JDBC Driver. Using that with DBeaver does everything you want, really.

Thank you @rbotzer

but i use aerospike to cache. I use Datagrip to see but aerospike save key value not table image