Asbackup of multiple sets?


Is there a good way to do an asbackup for multiple (but not all) sets?

It seems our options with asbackup are to backup all sets, or to backup one specific set. What we’d like to do is to backup multiple specific sets.

Calling asbackup in a loop, one for each set, doesn’t directly work since asbackup won’t create new .asb files in a directory that already has .asb files present. We could consider creating sub-directories, one for each set being backed up, but then there is no easy way to restore them again (without requiring our users to manually move files around, which is messy for them).

Any suggestions, or something I am missing?



As of now, there is no direct way to backup multiple sets in one go. We will consider this in our product roadmap as it makes a lot of sense. It will be efficient as we can backup a bunch of sets in one scan. I cannot promise a date for this though as it has go through our priority stack.

However, as a temporary workaround, your idea of running asbackup in a loop for different sets with different directories/sub-directories is a good idea. But I did not understand why you had to move files. the asrestore command accepts directory as an argument. If you followed a pattern for the directory naming convention (like mybackup/set_1, mybackup/set_2…) during asbackup, the same pattern can be used for asrestore also in the script. As you don’t need to give a setname for asrestore, you can run asrestore on each directory.